Make Every Purchase an Opportunity to Save

Ever consider how much your daily beauty routine is costing you? Face products, makeup, personal hygiene…it can really add up for a gal! This weekend I had to replenish a few toiletries – including face moisturizer. In true frugal nature, I first checked the online flyer for London Drugs to see if my moisturizer, usually $40, was on sale. No luck.

Do you look for sales when buying these repeat purchase items? You should. If you know you are going to use these products, stock up when they are on sale (on non-perishable ones of course).

I was curious about the option of buying directly from the source, so I went to VICHY’s website directly. In doing so I found out they have an automatic replenishment program. If you sign up, you get 20% off all purchases and you can decide the frequency with which product is delivered. Ability to cancel at any time, and no penalties. Pretty sweet!

I almost went ahead with this option but something prompted me to call London Drugs directly. When I did, I found out that they had an anniversary event that day. I could buy the moisturizer at the usual $40 price but would receive 75 mL instead of 50 mL. Sweet deal! SOLD!

So much more product for the same price!!
So much more product for the same price!!

In addition to getting the sale, I have a loyalty card which gets stamped for each purchase. I am now only 2 away from my freebie!


So, to summarize:
1. Be on the look out for sales on items you use regularly. When on sale, buy multiple!!
2. See if buying direct from the source is cheaper
3. Inquire about loyalty cards*

*I will say, loyalty cards can be a pain. They start to add up and take over your wallet. I keep loyalty cards only for key items, such as expensive moisturizer that is bought regularly. I also store the cards in a separate wallet, only taking out with me when required. As more vendors transition to app based loyalty programs this will become less of an inconvenience

I know I could buy a cheaper moisturizer but after years of failed attempts and bad allergic reactions, I stick to the one that treats me well. I manage the cost by using the above steps. Taking care of your body is just as important as managing your finances 🙂

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