July 1…Time for Not-So-New-Year Resolutions! Starting with…meditating

I need a re-start button for 2016.

I have mixed feelings about July 1. On one hand, it’s Canada Day. Everyone loves a stat holiday and the weather here has been fantastic. On the other hand, it’s July 1….which means it’s half way through the year. When did that happen? I haven’t accomplished even a portion of all the things I wanted to do this year. Am I the only one that feels this way? Is everyone else happily checking off their new years resolutions on a chart that is colour coded, organized by topic, sub organized by time required, sub sub organized by level of difficulty? God I hope not. In the interest of full disclosure, I did make the crazy leap to leave corporate at the beginning of the year and do consulting plus work in my dad’s business, and that was quite a shock to the system. (Yay me!). However there is alot of work still to be done… (boo me?)

Well, I will not let the calendar defeat me!  So, in the spirit of being positive rather than admitting defeat, I’m proclaiming July 1 to be the time for not-so-new-year resolutions. I hope you will join me! 🙂

Part of this will include a new perspective on my site, which was originally dedicated to money management tips. Although I still have a desire to share finance knowledge, I’m going to add health into the mix. I truly believe that health should be our number one priority – without it, we really can’t experience life as it’s meant to be experienced. I used to think that as a society we were lacking in our ability to educate and encourage financial literacy among Canadians, but I’m starting to realize it’s not just financial literacy….it’s overall wellness literacy, and that includes physical health. So many of us are struggling to make good decisions, like eating more veggies and getting regular exercise. These are decisions that should be easy because they are the “right”thing to do, and they provide long term benefits. Yet they are so…so…., well…HARD.

So my blog is going to be an assortment of wealth and health advice. I’m also hoping to use it as a bit of an accountability tool for monitoring progress on my goals for the later half of the year. The number one goal is….


That’s it. Simple. Meditate. I feel like my brain goes 100 miles per hour, 365 days per year. I’ve attempted meditation twice this year, and failed both times to keep it up. It’s almost as bad as going to the gym. You have the best intentions but there is always something better to do. I’m hoping that by putting it out to the universe like this, it will help me be more successful at having a regular meditation practice. I started this meditation journey thanks to Camp Calm – an online camp which included a whole whack of supportive materials. The Camp is done now, but you can still check out the books here.

So, here is to a “new” year. I’m excited, are you? How do you feel about a mid year re start? Kinda like Reboot!! (Boy, I just aged myself there…)

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