My relationship with money started at a young age. By 14 I was working and making contributions to a mutual fund account. This financial discipline paid off as I was able to graduate university debt free. Fast forward several years and I’ve definitely learned the value of an earned dollar, and the importance of a good day’s work…but I’ve also recognized how important it is to manage your health. Working several jobs as a young adult and having an overall stressful lifestyle has taken a toll on my body, and left me with chronic pain. Over the years I’ve had several attempted diagnoses but nothing concrete. Several years and doctors later, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

Tired of migraines and feeling tired and sluggish, I’ve embarked on a journey to search for the most healthy, affordable and ENJOYABLE recipes for clean eating that reduce inflammation and just generally makes me feel good. I haven’t lost my money mindset though, and am constantly thinking about how to stretch my dollar, avoid an expense, or find a cheaper alternative.

At the same time, the chronic pain creates a unique situation where I am unable to sit at a desk all day – the typical setting for someone with an education in business. So, in January of 2016, I quit my corporate job to venture down more entrepreneurial paths in hopes of creating my own schedule and destiny. I’m working with my dad and may take over his business – or my consulting may take off and create opportunities there. Or my muffins will be a big hit and that will be where I make my big bucks. We’ll see what happens!

My website combines these two things – health and wealth – in a way I hope will help you in your journey. After all, we only get one shot at this – let’s make it count.